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Moses (Amik) Beaver

Date of Birth: 1960 in Lansdowne House (Neskantaga First Nation), northern Ontario
Moses was born in 1960 in Lansdowne House and relocated to Summer Beaver, also in northern Ontario, in 1975. He spent much of his youth building his community and working on his trap line with his family and extended family. Moses’ uncle first suggested that he express himself through drawing and painting as a way of sharing his response to being alive, in his time, when he was fifteen years old.
Moses is well known in the region for his innovative representation of an interconnected world based in the natural environment. While his work reflects the black lines of traditional Woodlands art, he embraces his own unique style of embedded images of spirits, human faces and animal forms, transcending physical boundaries to the outer dimensions of the spiritual realm. In this his work reflects symbolism, realism and abstract imagery. The images tell stories, represent ancient teachings of his people and remind those who gaze on his work, we are all connected to each other and the natural world.  Moses hopes his work will resonate and awaken an awareness that is at once exciting and empowering, a way for all People to understand an Aboriginal worldview.

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