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Cape Dorset, Nunavut

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dorset.jpg Cape Dorset (or Kinngait) is located on Dorset Island at the southern tip of Baffin Island in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut. Cape Dorset has been regarded as the capital of Inuit art since the 1950s, with the Kinngait Co-op as its artistic centre today. Printmaking and carving are the community's main economic activities, as over 20% of the workforce is currently employed in the arts. Cape Dorset carvers are predominantly known from their naturalistic representations of animals and legends. The artists of this region favour a dark black or green serpentine, which they carve and polish with great detail and elegance. For more information, see Inuit Communities.

    NINGEOKULUK, TEEVEE  "Dog With Kamiks" Stonecut & Stencil 58.7cm x 49.8cm
  • 107029
    Mikkigak, Luc
  • 107030
    Oshutsiaq, Matheussie
  • Alerted Birds, Kenojuak Ashevak
    Kenojuak Ashevak
  • Ancient Beluga - 4
  • Arniniq Inuusiq (Breath of Life) - 10
  • Bag of Ice - 35
    Siassie Kenneally Bag of Ice Stonecut and Stencil on Kizuki Kozo White Printer: Cee Pootoogook 24 x 26"
  • Bear, Adamie Quamagiaq
    Adamie Quamagiaq
  • Bedazzled - 8
    Mayoreak Ashoona Bedazzled Etching and Aquatint on Arches White Printer: Studio PM  25 x 23"
  • Bird on an Inukshuk, Pavinak Petaulassie
    Pavinak Petaulassie
  • Bird Transformation, Ningeosiak Ashoona
    Ningeosiak Ashoona
  • Buzz - 22
    Papiara Tukiki Buxx Stonect and Stencil on Kizuki Kozo White Printer: Tutuiza Jaw 7 x 9"  
  • Calm Waters - 20
    Ohotaq Mikkigak Calm Waters Etching and Aquatint on Arches White Printer: Studio PM 20 x 23 "
  • Caribou Legs - 21
  • Cats and Dogs - 4
    Kakulu Saggiaktok Cats and Dogs Etching & Aquatint on Arches White Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq 15.5 x 15.75"
  • Clams and Roe - 36
    Siassie Kenneally Clams and Roe Lithograph on BFK Rives Cream Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq 18 x 15"

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