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Axangayuk Shaa, RCA

Date of Birth: March 17, 1937 in Satuqitu, NU
Residence: Cape Dorset
Axangayuk is the grandson of the carver Kiakshuk and the only child of artists Paunichea and Munamee Davidee. He learned to carve when he was 15 years old by watching his uncles and his grandfather Kiakshuk, and began carving seriously at the age of seventeen. He participated in the early drawing projects in Cape Dorset but realized his strengths lay in sculpture and did not draw after 1960. Only one graphic by him, Wounded Caribou, was ever released, in the 1961 Cape Dorset annual print collection. His work was included in the notable 1971-73 touring exhibition “Sculpture/ Inuit, Sculpture of the Inuit: Masterworks of the Canadian Arctic”. Axangayuk is best known for his sculptures of elegantly contorted dancing walruses, for which he inserts caribou antler for their tusks. He was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy in 2003.
Bibliography: "Cape Dorset Sculpture," Douglas & McIntyre, 2005.

  • Lively Caribou
    Lively Caribou

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